• Beautiful wind turbines from the future will double up as homes

  • dutch-windwheel-conceptual-design-11The future is bound to be sustainable and for that, we’ve got to make moves in the present. That’s just what the Dutch Windwheel Corporation has drawn up. In an attempt to visualize the future of Rotterdam, the institution has crafted a beautiful mashup between a wind turbine and a dwelling space. It’s made of steel and glass and is decked with three inset circles, built to perform different functions. The outer ring rotates to treat visitors to spectacular landscapes, the middle one hosts 72 stationary apartments for residents within the building while the inner circle is the actual wind turbine. The ingenious waste management system ensures that the waste produced by residents is converted to biogas while the rainwater harvesting and recycling processes will keep everyone well hydrated.

    “Because the foundation is underwater, it looks as if the Dutch Windwheel is floating,” said the designer of this fruitful future landmark. “It is both a sustainable icon and an icon for sustainability.” We second this and would like to see more of these elsewhere on the blue planet we call home.



    [Via – My-Modern-Met]

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