• Bag incorporated with solar panels helps charge up your bike accessories and devices

  • solar-bicycle-bag.jpg
    Bikes with solar panels aren’t really new anymore. Just a while ago, we had the Fujin electric bike with solar panels hooked on. Those sure looked like a set of wings though, waiting to propel the bike in the sky. So, giving the panels a fashion statement sure seems a smart and appealing idea. Well, that’s exactly what this saddle bag does. The bag can hook onto to those nooks and corners of your bicycle, like the handle bar or the frame. It soaks in the suns energy and charges up while you pedal away. Basically a battery pack, you can hook this bag on to multiple devices and bike accessories like turning signals and a headlamp. Besides that, you can also hook up your mp3 player or your cell phone to charge up while you travel.

    The solar panels are hooked on to the internal battery box that readily charges up devices needing power between 3.7 volts to 9 volts. The shoulder strap lets you carry it around after pulling it off your bike. Indeed an innovative way to power up while on the move!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on August 6, 2010