• Backyard solar-powered chicken coop propels self with green energy, keeps hungry chickens active!

  • chicken-coop-lead-537x357.jpgEver dreamed of growing chickens in your backyard? Here’s the perfect way to do so, and that too in a green and eco-friendly way, that makes us love it as a whole a lot more! Called the Front Yard Full Monty Coop, the structure uses solar panels to power up and keeps your chickens happy. That’s not all. Measuring 4′ wide x 8′ long, this coop also propels itself by 16 feet every hour using energy from the solar panels, keeping your chickens active, ensuring that they walk around.

    And yes, the coop’s smart enough to turn direction if it bumps into dead ends, and uses self-dispensing containers to feed your chickens, keeping them healthy and lively!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Other Stuff, Tags: on August 26, 2011