• Backyard fancy wind turbines – cut cost save energy

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    If you have a windy backyard then you must collect some wind energy and use it for your household functionalities. The new thing on the market is the Wind Dancer – a copper-colored, 8-bladed residential wind turbine created by a daughter and her father Sharolyn Vettese and Alfred Matheiu. The Wind Dancer is designed to be durable enough for variable speeds, yet able to fully-function under small wind speeds. It is styled in the old traditional wind mill designs and doesn’t need a tall tower. The systems range in size from 3 Kw to 23 Kw, depending on your needs. If fancy isn’t your preference then you can also opt for the Wind Terra, a 1.2-Kw wind turbine that mounts directly onto your roof and you can save for the tower.

    There is also a third option. The Skystream 3.7, which is a 1.8-Kw wind turbine that is pole mounted but has the inverter mounted directly on the turbine itself, thus reducing efficiency losses as the power travels through the wires. The Wind Dancer price ranges from $27,000 – $69,000 for the turbine. The Skystream costs between $13,000 and $15,000 installed and the Wind Terra costs an estimated $11,000 installed.

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