• Aviation industry’s only solar-powered airport hangar opens up in America

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    Though flying across countries and continents on solar powered planes still seems to be a distant dream, the aviation industry of U.S. is moving ahead with a green objective for sure. America can now boast of the greenest airport hangar as the 60,000-square-foot structure at Bob Hope Airport opens its doors today. Believed to be the world’s greenest aviation facility, this hangar is capable of powering a Boeing 757 jetliner with solar energy while the aircraft is on the ground for maintenance. Known as Hangar 25, its roof is caked with photovoltaic panels that provide enough juice to operate the building’s lights. This green energy can also recharge electric-powered ground equipment such as forklifts and tow vehicles.

    In addition to solar power, the structure includes drought-tolerant landscaping, low-water plumbing, nontoxic building materials and lots of glass to illuminate rooms with sunlight. This solar powered hangar was erected for $17 million and is one of only a handful of Southern California buildings to obtain platinum status, the highest rating given by the U.S. Green Building Council.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on December 9, 2008