• Artificial trees to suck out carbon from atmosphere

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    Now we have all learned about the many dangers of carbon imprints in our environment and how we need to be reducing it so that our future generations still live to see a green day. In the UK, they came up with this idea – to plant 100,000 “artificial trees” within 10 to 20 years to help soak up the world’s carbon emissions. This is one of the three geo-engineering ideas highlighted as practical by the authors from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. They say it will take a 100-year to “decarbonise” the global economy. The authors of the report explained that geo-engineering of the type should be used on a short-term basis to buy the world time, but in the long term it is vital to reduce emissions. There are two types of geo-engineering – one to cool the planet by reflecting some of the sunlight away and the other to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it.

    The team hasasked the UK government to invest 10 million pounds in analysis of the effectiveness, risks and costs of geo-engineering as it requires a lot of research and work. They say it can be implemented and could be part of the world’s landscape within the next 10 to 20 years.

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