• Aqualim shower device to erase skyrocketing water bills

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    This is such a nice story. A father fed up of crazy water bills all thanks to his teenage daughter who likes to spend more time in the shower than probably on the couch watching MTV put his foot down and did something about it. Something many fathers of teenage shower-loving girls around the globe are going to thank him for. Australian Trevor Murphy has invented the Aqualim, a device that would stop the shower after a certain amount of water had been used. It requires no electrical parts and can be retrofitted to any existing showerhead.

    The Aqualim, after a particular volume of water has been used, first reduces the flow, and then shuts it off completely. In case you need more time to finish washing your hair it will reset once it has been shut off. It also sets a standard for the amount of water used per shower, and it makes you conscious about that particular water use. Most people lose the joy of standing under a shower with no water and so this one is really helpful in reducing water consumption. It was also featured in the Australian TV show, The New Inventors where it won the 2009 Episode Award.