• America’s first offshore wind energy turbine to be set up in Cape Charles

  • offshore-wind.jpgAmerica’s first offshore wind energy turbine will show up at Chesapeake Bay off the Eastern Shore town of Cape Charles. Approved by the Virginia Marine Resources Corporation, the 479-foot-tall turbine generator will soon begin pouring in renewable juice in the grid. To be completed by the end of next year, the turbine is expected to serve for a good 20 years or more. Also, the submarine cable system that will hook this turbine to the grid is expected to sport a lifetime of 100 years. The 5MW turbine will use 15,219 feet of submerged power cables to hook up to the electricity grid.

    Also, this clean renewable energy generator will not affect marine life, the environment or marine recreational activities in the area whatsoever. A step that deserves applauds, this offshore wind energy turbine is bound to inspire and motivate the rest of the United States to follow suit.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on March 30, 2012