• Amazing Candle Charger doesn’t need electricity to charge

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    A perfect world would be one where we wouldn’t depend on an electric socket to charge our mobile phones. As this is too much of a hypothesis, we can instead focus on creating more charging solutions that use renewable energy sources. Which is why we applaud the becoming of the Candle Charger by Stower. This unique contraption needs only water and a candle to charge smartphones. This amazing idea can save lives and cure anxiety in trying times. The Charger effectively offers 2.5W USB power to charge devices. It employs Peltier cooler or thermoelectric modules to convert temperature gradients to electricity. A single candle can charge a phone for up to six hours, which should ideally cover charging of two batteries. Adam, the co-founder of the company said, “The Candle Charger is an emergency preparedness product, which means that you don’t know that you need it, until you really need it”.

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    Stower are known for their pyro-charging techniques. They had formerly launched the FlameStower that charged USB devices with energy drawn from campfires. It is up for pre-orders on Kickstarter till August 28th.
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