• Albatern’s WaveNET system will generate energy from the waves in Scotland

  • array-wavenet-albatern-1Depending completely on fossil fuels to power up the earth isn’t such a great idea anymore, not in the current circumstances of extreme pollution and a degrading environment. Instead, the only way out of this big muddle we’ve all got ourselves into, is renewable energy. Albatern, Scotland’s wave energy company, is looking at better ways to powering up, using a new system called the WaveNET. This one uses an array of floating generators, nicknamed Squids, which harvest energy from rising and falling waves.

    array-wavenet-albatern-2The company plans to deploy a 1.25-kilometer-long energy farm that will produce over 100 megawatts by 2024. The Squids are linked in groups and are designed to work as large floating grids. The bigger the grid, the more efficient the system! Each Squid uses a ballast pole at its center that’s connected to buoyant floats. The pivoting arm is hooked to an articulating pump unit, generating energy whenever the pump moves.

    [Via – Inhabitat]

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