• Akon’s Lighting Africa program successfully brings solar energy to 600 million Africans

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    Last year, Akon conceptualized and launched the inspiring Akon Lighting Africa initiative that aimed at bringing solar energy to millions of homes in Africa. It’s been a year now and the project has been a roaring success for the singer with 1 million solar powered street lamps and domestic solar panels installed in over a million households in Africa. His endeavor has enhanced the standard of sustainable living across 14 African nations. To give a further boost to his movement, the program introduced the Solar Academy in Mali’s capital, Bamako, through which African engineers were taught the art of solar power harvesting.

    In an interview, the singer who dwells from Senegal said, “I always had a passion for Africa because I am from Africa and I always felt Africa was being taken advantage of… As a regular person there’s not much you can do, but as a celebrity you can influence millions of people, which makes it a lot easier. Things can happen a lot faster, and I like to take advantage of that and find more ways to bring opportunities to Africa.” His efforts have touched the lives of 600 million grateful Africans.


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