• Air conditioner directly powered by solar energy, a dream comes true

  • Conferance.jpgNow who would guess that the sun would actually help keep the heat away? It’s the sun that causes the heat in the first place. Here’s an air conditioner that keeps you cool and comfortable, all with the help of the sun. the first ever air conditioner of its type, to be directly powered up by the sun, was unveiled in Dezhou, China at the 2010 World Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Development Forum . this system by Shandong Vicot Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Has great potential in today’s markets globally, taken that the ever increasing heat needs to be beaten in a green and environment friendly way. And an air-conditioner powered by renewable energy seems to be just right!

    With an optimal 85% thermal cooling conversion efficiency and an ability to utilize solar power twenty-seven times that of the average water heating unit, this air conditioning system will have a round the clock cooling, heating effect and produce hot water too. Natural gas can also be used to power it up. Indeed a revolutionizing technology that’s clean and green, the solar powered air conditioner.

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: on September 17, 2010