• Actors simulate office-homes in a glass shipping container to teach energy consumption

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    How does one get catch a gig of their favourite actors? Well you head to Vancouver to catch them recreating their perfect home-cum-office setup inside two shipping containers by BC Hydro that works up as little apartments with glass walls. One container is set up with glowing lights, a TV and a computer, while actor Ryan Haneman sits in another demonstrating how you can save energy. The concept will use public figures to demonstrate how simple behavioural changes can help people conserve energy at home and at work. The setup features a cube condo outside each container that furnishes simulated consumption readings compare energy efficiency. Press release states that “The efficient cube condo is expected to use about 80 per cent less electricity, demonstrating that being Power Smart is not about sacrificing style and comfort to save energy. It is about using energy efficiently and wisely.


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on October 13, 2010