• A solar power plant on the moon is the Japanese dream about the green future

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    Why build solar power plants back here on earth, when the moons unoccupied? That’s exactly what some Japanese guys at the Shimizu Corporation back here on earth thought about. And this is just one of the six megaprojects earthlings have been dreaming about. A Luna Ring, a lunar solar power plant, 6,800 miles of solar panels around the moons equator tops the list of these gigantic and colossal mega projects. And who’s going up there to build these? Robots! With the use of rocks and dust found on the moon, transporting raw materials up there will be a bit easier.

    And that’s not all. They’ve come up with a way to make water using lunar soil and hydrogen. Maybe the Creator didn’t think about this, but these guys sure did. So how does all this energy transfer back home? Hooking on wires barely seems an ideal way to do so. So, the energy harvested will be sent using microwaves, using terrestrial power stations. Phew! Talk about building castles in the air, its solar power stations on the moon this time!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on June 2, 2010