• 2008 Cadbury Schweppes Australian PGA Championship is 100% carbon free

  • PGA1.jpg Down Under, golf champions are brushing their skills for the Australia’s first Carbon Neutral Golf Championship. It is now official as the PGA of Australia has declared that the 2008 Cadbury Schweppes Australian PGA Championship was to be totally CARBON NEUTRAL event. With the vast acres of greens to be immaculately maintained, the game of golfing doesn’t carry a green tag. Hence this eco-friendly move is supposed to be a perfect shot in the green world. Touted to be the first major golf championship to be taking this step, PGA will work in conjunction with two companies to ascertain and tidy up the championship’s carbon footprints.

    e-par headed by Environmental Scientist Terry Muir will be undertaking the review of all aspects of the PGA Championship to determine the exact environmental impact, while Shift2Neutral, headed by Brett Goldsworthy will be providing direct sponsorship of Certified Carbon Credits to offset the championship’s emissions.