• 18-year old uses hair as an alternative to silicon for solar panels

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    This is why education is so vital at very young ages! One 18-year old boy had the vision, intelligence and will to bring about a great alternative for his country, Nepal which will definitely make heads turn from the scientific thresholds. Milan Karki has invented a solar panel which uses human hair as a conductor to save energy. Instead of using batteries that are most costly and not that efficient in enhancing electricity, he thought of this low-cost solar panel. He read and found out the obvious that human hair are good conductors of electricity and since in Nepal, a kilo of hair is only 16 paise as compared to the 50 paise for batteries, this is a solution, heaven-sent.

    Just imagine this boy’s brilliance in thinking about such an obvious solution! Instead of using solar panels made of silicon that are costly, he just opted for something this natural and efficient. He used hair as he studied his lessons well – melanin, a color pigment in hair, is a good conductor of electricity. He just used these basics and put one and one together to create this idea. Let’s see where this one goes!

    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on September 9, 2009