• Solar-powered electric charging station from Toyota Industries

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    With the number of electric cars hitting the roads, it has become necessary to set up easily accessible EV charging stations. And Toyota Industries intends to do that but with sun’s grace. The company has designed a solar powered electric car charging station. Toyota Industries exhibited this at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009. The system works like this – the energy captured by the solar panels is stored in batteries which in turn will power up the vehicles. And this high-tech system has a communication function that can deliver 100/200V electricity. The details of users, the amount of charge and other information will be conveyed via LANs and mobile networks to a data center. Costing about hundred thousand Yen, expect this green EV charging station to see daylight next year or the year after that.

    It is also reported that Toyota Industries showcased a prototyped battery charger to be mounted in a vehicle. It can convert AC current into DC current and boost voltage from 100/200V to 300/400V to charge the secondary batteries of plug-in hybrid vehicles, etc.

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