• Pininfarina Cambiano plug-in hybrid sports diesel-powered microturbine engine

  • cambiano8_653.jpgWe’ve just stumbled across an astounding ride being pieced together at Pininfarina’s stables. Called the Cambiano, this exceptional car could pretty much hit the streets in near future and is a marvel of automobile technology. With a design that sways away from the ordinary, this car has been termed as a sports sedan and is a plug-in hybrid sporting a range-extender. Using four electric motors mounted in the wheel hubs, each at 60 kilowatts for about 80 horsepower, the car uses a diesel-powered microturbine for a range extender. Touching the 62mph mark in below 4.2 seconds, this sports luxury sedan can go up to speeds of 170mph when with its pedal pushed down to the floor. With a battery pack range of 124 miles, this swank new Pininfarina has a single door on the driver’s side and is quite an intimidating looker too!


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: on February 29, 2012

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