• Nuclear-energy-powered cars to show up, using Thorium lasers to power up!

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    Generations before us have been dreaming of flying-cars taking the place of the gas-guzzlers the world has been used to driving all along. Though, the dream of transportation boosts still remains just a fragment of designers’ imagination. However, we aren’t really far from having truly green vehicles driving us to work and back home every day, like this revolutionary nuclear-energy-powered car for example. Using thorium and a turbine electric generator system powered by a thorium-based laser, scientists at the research-and-development firm Laser Power Systems are busy pouring over sketches of what could be the future mode of transport for the world. Now we haven’t experienced thorium long enough to know its side effects, though we’re pretty sure it’d do a lot better than the environment-strangulating gas we use today.


    Posted in Topics:Transport, Tags: , on September 5, 2011

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