• Bhutan’s capital to go green with electric cars

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on November 28, 2013

    Going green isn’t limited to the towering metropolises of the urban world. In fact, the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, better-known as the real life Shangri-La, has decided to take a step towards a greener future. The Prime Minister of Bhutan, Tshering Tobgay, recently stated his dream to give the country’s capital city of Thimpty a greener shade. To begin with, all government vehicles that currently run on petrol and diesel will be replaced with clean and Nissan Leafs. Once this big and ambitious move is completed, taxis and private cars will also be gradually replaced with electrics!

  • Ecigs vs analog cigarettes, which of these are a better health and environment-friendly option?

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on November 28, 2013

    Kicking the butt isn’t an easy task and most people find this route to a healthier lifestyle to be quite difficult. Well, while nicotine does have a bunch of negative effects on a person’s health, perhaps one of the most dangerous contents of a regular cigarette is the tobacco and the myriad chemicals all packed into one death-stick. This is where ecigs or electronic cigarettes rise and shine. While many have jumped aboard the continual debate of the use of ecigs vs analogs, smokers do benefit from shifting to the former, particularly because of the fact that these lack smoke, ash, odor, and chemicals. Apart from this, ecigs also work better with the environment and don’t pollute both, our lungs and the environment.

    Environmental report highlights the benefits of going windy in Iowa

    Posted in Alternative Energy on November 26, 2013

    Renewable energy is indeed a fantastic way to reduce carbon emissions, generate energy and add a dash of green to an electricity grid, and the state of Iowa has just proven all of this! Environment Iowa released its most recent report based on the benefits of wind energy use in the state and the numbers these sheets of paper have thrown up are encouraging to say the least. Using wind energy, the state has avoided a whopping 8.4 million metric tons of climate-altering pollution, which is nearly as much as pulling 1.7 million cars of the street.

    London to use wasted heat from the underground network to warm homes!

    Posted in Alternative Energy on November 26, 2013

    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it sure as hell can be used over and over again! The Islington Council, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, UK Power Networks and Transport for London has joined hands to reuse and recycle waste energy to power homes in London. The project will harvest waste heat energy from the London Underground and an electrical substation for use in homes! To be run through the Islington Council Bunhill Heat and Power heat network, the project will use heat expelled from a a London Underground ventilation shaft and the other from a sub-station owned and operated by UK Power Networks.

    Hilton Worldwide saves a quarter of a billion dollars after going green

    Posted in Other Stuff on November 22, 2013

    There is no thinking twice indeed that the hospitality industry is moving towards the greener side of affairs and leading the way is the Hilton Worldwide organization. The hospitality company has managed to reduce its energy use by a whopping 12.2 percent and carbon output by 12.8 percent since the year 2009! This has resulted in the company saving nearly a quarter of a billion dollars from energy efficiency projects over the past 4 years, an amount that’s simply not ignorable!

    Broken iPhones recycled into pieces of art and furniture by Twice Used

    Posted in Recycle on November 20, 2013

    Well, if you don’t have an iPhone, or to be more precise, if a broken iPhone is what you’ve got, you’ve also got the raw material for some pretty pieces of artwork! Gadgets like the iPhone do meet their end sooner or later by way of accident and instead of mourning the demise of old iPhones, repair company, Twice Used, is using broken iPhone components to create fabulous furniture pieces and art! Using throw-away parts including broken shells, screens and the like, Twice Used has come up with a range of awe-striking creations.

    Tesla Motors opens its first showroom in the United Kingdom

    Posted in Transport on November 18, 2013

    American electric carmaker Tesla Motors, has finally stepped onto British soil! The company opened its first outlet in the UK in the Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s White City. The showroom will sell left hand drive versions of the Model S at this showroom, while a right hand drive version of the car will only be made available after March 2014. The car will come with a pricetag of £49,000, after the £5,000 government grant and we think this will indeed attract quite a few takers in the United Kingdom.

    Foldable pavilion created to showcase the electric-hybrid Volvo V60 sports solar panels

    Posted in Other Stuff on November 18, 2013

    The jolly folks at Volvo have managed to stun the world with some jaw-dropping innovations quite often before and has done so again with this fantastic pavilion we spotted recently. Created by Los Angeles-based Synthesis Design + Architecture, this tensile pavilion sports solar panels and is foldable too! Once deployed, the pavilion’s solar panels soak in energy from the sun and use this to charge the car beneath, in this case being the new electric hybrid Volvo V60. The pavilion can then be folded completely and fitted inside trunk of the car!

    Vancouver goes green; begins cigarette-butt-recycling program

    Posted in Recycle on November 18, 2013

    Smoking cigarettes destroys your lungs, but that isn’t all the damage these death-sticks do. Cigarette butts are known to choke drains and pollute the environment, given the fact that they take particularly long to blend back into nature. The City of Vancouver decided to give the environment some relief from these destructive cigarette butts and came up with the first recycling program to put to rest these remnants of human vices. Cigarette Waste Brigade pilot project kicked-off with the installation of 110 recycling receptacles.

    Volkswagen to unveil the all-electric e-Golf at the LA Auto Show

    Posted in Transport on November 18, 2013

    German auto-manufacturing giant Volkswagen has finally given its lovable hatchback, the Golf, an electric overhaul. The company has announced the all electric version of the Golf and will show off the car at the LA Auto Show. The 2015 e-Golf chucks away the gas and diesel engines and uses an electric motor instead. The motor manages to churn out about 115 horsepower and 199 pound-feet of torque. Powered by a 24.2-kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack, the e-Golf takes 10.4 seconds to touch the 60mph mark, good enough for an urban electric ride.

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