• An environment-lover’s nightmare, we present the world’s thirstiest cars!

    Posted in Featured, Transport on February 22, 2014

    While the rest of us prefer to jump aboard the green bandwagon and drive energy efficient and sparkly green Chevrolet Volts and the lovable Toyota Prius, a few car owners still prefer to stick to the more environment-chocking side of affairs. While looking at the statistics of some of the greenest cars around us recently, we decided to also draw up a list of the world’s most inefficient cars. Here it is!

  • Swedish Sweat Machine transform human sweat into potable water

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on February 21, 2014

    Awful as it may sound, with the right amount of purification, sweat can be turned into potable water. To prove this theory right, Swedish designers built a Sweat Machine that literally uses sweat from drenched clothes and turns it all into pure and drinkable water! The machine is inspired by NASA’s astronauts who recycle everything they use in outer space to sustain their stay. Developed by the Deportivo PR Company and UNICEF, the machine turns the spotlight on important issues like water scarcity and famines.

    Prince William wishes to rid the Buckingham Palace of its 1200 ivory pieces

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 21, 2014

    The poaching of defenseless wild animals for their fur, skin, horns and tusks has never really been a noble deed and the world has spoken against these acts of cruelty quite often before. To join the brigade of those against elephant poaching, Prince William recently made a strong statement that has given environmentalists much to smile about. The Prince has stated that he’d like to see the entire royal ivory collection removed from the Buckingham Palace and destroyed!

    California’s Ivanpah solar thermal power plant basks in the glory of the sun!

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 19, 2014

    What better place could you chose to play home to the biggest solar energy power plant in the world, than the sunny state of California, right? Well, that’s exactly why this plant in the Mojave Desert has begun operations off late, basking in the glory of the sun and powering up the grid with clean solar juice. Located 80 kilometers southwest of Las Vegas and is 14 square kilometers in size, the Ivanpah power plant sports over 300,000 rotatable mirrors (heliostats)!

    Google splashes cash in its continuous efforts to go green

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 19, 2014

    Searching stuff on Google is a simple matter of a few clicks of a mouse and the miniscule effort you need to take to punch words on your keyboard. However, a simple search does consume astounding amounts of energy, given the fact that these queries sent by us hapless folk are sent across the internet to servers where they are processed and sent back to you with results within microseconds. This also obviously implies that being a search engine giant isn’t the most eco-friendly business in town, which is why, Google has been striving hard to keep the earth green.

    Beijing finally passes its first laws to pull down air pollution levels

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 14, 2014

    The city of Beijing has been having a tough time since quite a while now, as smog has enveloped the city’s atmosphere and the lungs of its inhabitants. The Chinese authorities have finally adhered to a long awaited wake-up call recently and a new law has been passed, with hopes to decrease the ever-increasing smog levels in this metropolis.

    The world’s largest solar thermal power plant begins operations in California

    Posted in Alternative Energy on February 14, 2014

    The Golden State has finally begun shining bright with a surge of solar electricity as the world’s largest solar thermal plant, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in California, has finally begun operations. The solar plant is backed by Google and NRG Energy and promises to generate a total 392MW of power through 173,500 multi-mirror units. Simply put, this plant will generate enough energy to power up 140,000 homes in the United States of America.

    Audi confirms the future release of the electric e-Tron R8

    Posted in Transport on January 20, 2014

    Audi successfully managed to drop jaws around the world when it first unleashed its V8 supercar, the R8. The German luxury car manufacturer has now confirmed its intent to build an energy-efficient version of its brainchild and plans to push the e-Tron R8 to production lines. Audi’s new head, Ulrich Hackenberg stated at the Detroit Motor Show, “I think electric drive has a big future. With battery tech now it is vital to have plug-in hybrids, but as batteries improve we will move more towards all-electric.”

    University of Michigan report states that planes are more efficient than cars

    Posted in Transport on January 20, 2014

    Cars may be luxurious and a privacy-friendly way of getting around. However, these personal modes of transport are the most inefficient mode of commute, as pointed out by a report by the University of Michigan. As opposed to this, airplanes are the most efficient way of travelling and to match up, the automobiles of today need to improve efficiency levels by a whopping 57%!

    Here are the world’s biggest global warming offenders

    Posted in Other Stuff on January 20, 2014

    Environment lovers who have been screaming out at the world since quite some time now to reduce emissions to curb global warming haven’t been crying wolf, and the effects of mankind’s failure to adhere to more environment friendly practices are showing today. Damon Matthews of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, recently conducted a research to point out the world’s biggest global warming offenders. As per his calculations, US, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Germany and the UK alone are responsible for 60% of the global warming!

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