• BMW unveils the i8’s plug-in hybrid production version at the Frankfurt Auto Show

    Posted in Transport on September 13, 2013

    When the BMW i8 concept was first unleashed, the German automobile manufacturer did manage to capture the imagination of the world. Now, this dream-like car that is probably the closes automobile to the future cars we’ve envisioned, will hit production lines and will soon be made available to car buyers globally! The car was unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show amidst much gusto and will go on sale next spring. The BMW i8 is the company’s first-ever plug-in hybrid and weighs in at just 3,285 pounds.

  • “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign to go solar powered!

    Posted in Alternative Energy on September 7, 2013

    You probably might have come across the iconic Las Vegas sign, either while driving by it or in a movie. This formal announcement that lets people know they’ve reached the land of dreams will now be powered up by clean and renewable energy! The “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign will be connected to fake trees equipped with solar panels, as part of a plan by a nonprofit organization Green Chips.

    Extremely energy-efficient T 8881 S EcoComfort fabric dryer powers with solar energy

    Posted in Gadgets and Tech on September 6, 2013

    Human-kind has used the sun to dry clothes before, though not in this technologically-enhanced way. Designed and developed by Miele, here’s introducing the T 8881 S EcoComfort, a solar-powered clothes dryer that’s a lot more energy efficient than the electricity sucker you currently use to dry fabrics. The appliance is connected to a home central heating system which is powered by a solar-thermal rooftop array. The T 8881 S EcoComfort sports an A+++ energy efficiency rating and is 80% more efficient than a regular dryer.

    Images of BMW’s i8 plug-in hybrid production version leaked

    Posted in Transport on September 5, 2013

    Yes, the BMW i8 concept took the world’s breath away when the German luxury automobile manufacturer unveiled it a while ago, and now, after a long wait, the company has decided to have this plug-in hybrid supercar hit production lines. Perhaps the most pleasing news off-late, we’ve come across leaked images of the BMW i8, all of which confirm that the car is soon going to be a reality and not just a one-off concept by the manufacturer. The i8 will pack a 1.5-liter, turbocharged engine positioned between the rear axles and front-mounted electric motors.

    Norway sets a world-record for the longest moving gathering of EVs!

    Posted in Transport on September 5, 2013

    Norway has been known for its love-affair with electric vehicles. The Scandinavian country is one of the forerunners in the adoption of alternative energy to power up modes of transport and many Norwegians now have electric vehicles parked in their garages. The country’s EV-loving folk recently set a world record for the largest-ever gathering of moving electric vehicles. The record was set by 260 electric vehicles, including one very special Nissan Leaf, sliced in half to give onlookers a closer look at the car’s green insides.

    Typewriters, machines and old computers recycled to make a Darth Vader helmet

    Posted in Recycle on September 3, 2013

    Like we’ve always said before, nothing’s garbage. With the right innovation and determination, trash can be turned into something as eye-catching and completely awesome as this Darth Vader helmet. Good enough to make the evil fellow from the Star Wars franchise take over the planet earth just to get his hands on it, this helmet was created by Gabriel Dishaw, an artist who put to use parts from typewriters, machines, and old computers!

    The biggest solar-powered boat in the world, the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar, reaches London

    Posted in Transport on September 3, 2013

    If you’ve been hanging around here often, you probably might have a good idea of what the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar is. For the uninitiated, the aforementioned is a ground-breaking technological revolution, better known as the biggest solar-powered boat on earth! Using only green juice, the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar boat has been cruising in the azure around the world, drawing its power from the sun and spreading an energy-efficient message. Most recently, the boat visited the land of the Queen, red double-decker buses and black cabs, London!

    Japanese firm designs wind and solar-powered traffic signals

    Posted in Alternative Energy on August 31, 2013

    Alternative energy has several uses, from powering up greener modes of transportation to lighting up homes. A Japanese firm called Taisei Techno America recently gave solar and wind energy yet another application, lighting up traffic signals! These eco-friendly traffic signals have been set up in Billings at two crossings. While the solar powered signal warns drivers at a school crossing zone on 32nd Street West, the wind powered signal using a vertical-bladed wind turbine has been installed at the 32nd Street West and Canyon Drive.

    Volkswagen shows off the e-Up and e-Golf electric cars

    Posted in Transport on August 31, 2013

    Der neue Volkswagen e-up! und der neue Volkswagen e-Golf
    German automobile colossus, Volkswagen, has taken a step towards the greener side of transportation technology and has launched two energy-efficient automobiles that have caught our attention, the e-Golf and e-Up. The models will premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show and are electric versions of the Volkswagen Golf and Up. Beneath the hood, the e-Up sports a 60-kW motor producing 155 pound-feet of torque. This little electric car darts to the 62 mile mark in 12.4 seconds and boasts a top speed of 81 mph. also, the e-Up can travel a 100 miles on a full belly.

    Giant solar power flowers generate energy from sun rays

    Posted in Alternative Energy on August 31, 2013

    Solar energy teamed with flower power, how can any of this every go wrong! Artist Dan Corson created these solar-powered flower-shaped installations that stand 33 feet high, each. Besides looking extremely beautiful and making regular human-beings feel ant-sized, these installations also generate energy! Each of these “flowers” packs solar PV panels with 48 solar cells, producing up to 4.6Wp. Together, the flowers produce 1,104Wp!

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