• Collect water from the air using the Swater water collector

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    Well, you don’t really need to be a Star Wars fan to marvel at this one, though it certainly would help, knowing where exactly this concept was inspired from. If you’ve been watching the Star Was closely, you’d probably have heard of the moisture vaporator, a device that sucks in moisture and turns the evaporation process upside down. Designers Chun Yen Tsao and Hsing-Tan Yang came up with the Swater, similar to the Star Wars device, using solar energy to collect clean distilled water from the process of condensation. A water creator in short, the Swater’s top is packed with solar panels to juice up.

    So, if you’re planning a trip to the desert, you don’t need to rely on stumbling across an oasis anymore. Just carry a Swater along!

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