• The Green Transformer system uses algae from mucky pools to extract bio-fuels

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    Little did we know that the muck clogging our unused swimming pools and ponds could actually be an oil well in disguise! Designers Yi Liu, Jiang Yu-ning & Luo Jing have come up with a system that cunningly uses up the muck and transforms it into an energy source of sorts. The system called the Green Transformer Algae Refinery uses the algae found residing in the muck and extracts bio-fuels from them. To power up, the system uses the sun shining bright above. The Green Transformer floats on the water’s surface and combines algae with a chemical additive and derives bio-oil at that very instant. The oil extracted is then stored in a storage chamber until you go collect it.

    Indeed a smart way to put the muck to use, the Green Transformer folds up too, allowing for easier storage. Creating bio-fuels in your backyard has never really been this easy before.

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