• The color changing polar bear informs about your home energy usage

  • color-changing-polar-bear-1.jpg If those home energy management systems are a bit to sci-fi for you, here’s something a lot cuter that helps you keep a check on you energy use. Completely lovable and highly informative, this one was an entry for the Ecomagination challenge by GE. The toy keeps in touch with your home energy meter and accordingly changes its color depending on your energy use. As your home energy use gets worse, the little polar bear goes pink. Just perfect to have in your kid’s room, reminding them to switch off the fans and lights on their way out, the polar bear goes green when your home energy use stabilizes.

    After all, the polar bear is the iconic figure of global warming, and they’ve been suffering the most too. It’s only fair that a stuffed representative of the fuzzy white bears is used to remind us of our energy usage.

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