• Sunflower Monitor, the solar tracking display screen

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    We’ve had a bunch of green screens before, and the Sunflower Monitor design just jumped on the bandwagon of eco-friendly computer peripherals. Designed by Marko Vuckovic, this concept screen design uses solar energy to power on. From the outside, it looked pretty standard, with an added touch of curves and a sleek-as-hell stand. The insides though took our breath away. The Sunflower packs solar sensors, four in all, that track the sun to generate energy. Also, this one hooks on to a joint design, allowing it to be turned around in just about any direction. And the fact that it uses solar energy to power up will help reduce electricity bills too, particularly if used in those large glass-walled offices instead of energy-sucking CRTs.

    An eco-friendly conceptual way to computing, the Sunflower Monitor design is sure to catch on and be built-up on sooner or later.

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