• Solar Attic Fan to cool the house using exterior heat

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    A solar powered attic fan is the best solution to homes that are a nightmare during extreme climates and which look like a fungal plantation zone with the extra moisture in the air. Solarstar’s Roof Mount Solar Attic Fan helps convert the heat from outside to cool your indoors. It uses the ventilation technology and environmentally friendly benefits. The installation is very simple and doesn’t take more than half an hour. The highest point in the house is sought where the fan is installed. The fan then helps circulate air and ventilate the attic zone (or the point of installation) which in turn cools the rest of the house.

    The Solar Attic Fan is a great choice for homes built in humid and hot places but is also a good idea for all other climatic conditions. The fan also helps absorb the moisture in the air this helping avoid fungus growth, saturated insulation and plywood issues. the cost is $300.

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