• Automated ice-maker is the reason for ever-extending electricity bills

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    That fancy new ice machine that you’ve been showing off to every single visitor to your home, the newest addition to your bar, could just be the reason for that lengthy electricity bill the utility company just tossed at you! According to statistics by the California Energy Commission, refrigerators and freezers gobble up one sixth of all energy used by U.S homes, mainly due to the power hungry automated ice making machinery that forever chews on our electricity supply. Ice makers hook on to a water valve, heating unit, plumbing line, and electrical circuit and use an electric motor, sucking in a load of electricity, just to cool your beverage!

    It’s we shove those energy-sucking ice-makers out of our lives and go back to the good old days of sticking water-filled trays in our refrigerators to make ice!

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