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    Who knew that browsing the Internet could make people’s homes warm?

    Great news for inhabitants of Stockholm: The warmth of their homes could come from a simple (and sometimes wasteful) activity people indulge in everyday – Browsing the internet.

    To achieve its green objective of becoming free from fossil fuels by 2040, Stockholm is aiming to source 10% of its needed heat from data centers. Therefore, in collaboration with numerous partners, Stockholm is looking to aid several large data centers to go there, then harness and channel the heat generated from these centers’ servers into a local district heating system.

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 23, 2017
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    Japanese train station Kayashima skilfully constructed around a seven-century old sacred camphor tree

    In Neyagawa, a north-eastern suburb of Osaka, the skilfully constructed Kayashima train station stands around a giant camphor tree – a tree that’s been around for seven centuries! When the station was built in 1910, the massive tree stood directly to the building’s right.

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 4, 2017
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    ThermalTech jacket leverages solar power to warm athletes in extreme climate

    Indulging in sports and fitness activities in cold climates pose a unique challenge. Athletes and participants are generally compelled to put on layers of clothing that weigh them down, thus hampering performance. That’s where something as innovative as the ThermalTech line of jackets could come in handy. This light-weighted heating solution will ensure that layers of jackets, pullover and covers aren’t needed to keep the active warm and well protected from the cold. The jackets harness UV rays from the sun and the energy from artificial light sources to create heat. They are so effective that in just a couple of a minutes, the wearer will experience a temperature increase of about 18 degrees Fahrenheit. The websites states that “The stainless steel mesh fabric threads are strong yet lightweight, lending to extended lifetime use while reducing the weight that additional heat-storing materials bring to most outerwear.”

    Posted in Other Stuff on February 8, 2016
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    Vatican teams up with documentarians to project images of endangered species

    Where the faithful gather is where hope and faith are most prevalent. In its bid to support the protection of endangered animals, the Vatican partnered with Racing Extinction’s film producers to make a bold statement. Racing Extinction is a documentary that sheds light on the possibility of mass loss of species that can be caused by wildlife trade and pollution as well as the darker underbellies of the oil and gas trade business. The Vatican was used to project giant images of the world’s most endangered animals. The light display used St. Peter’s Basilica as the canvas and it attracted thousands of on-lookers.

    Posted in Other Stuff on December 14, 2015
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    Campaign Furniture by former Apple employees takes the sustainable route

    Campaign Furniture by former Apple 1
    Brad Sewell and Raul Molina are former Apple engineers who have started Campaign, a green furniture line based out of San Francisco Bay Area. Their first offerings include a loveseat, a chair and a couch. Their effort is to create furniture that is good to look at while being sustainable. All of this, made available through an affordable pricing. The company’s vertically-integrated manufacturing process reduces waste. Even the parts used are sturdy, durable and eco-friendly. Being ultra-durable the furniture can be shipped using regular parcel post. Brad Sewell and Raul Molina are the brains behind this initiative that may aspire for IKEA-level dreams.

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 31, 2015
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    Norway is building the very first highway for bees

    Bees contribute greatly to the planet’s flora through pollination and by providing honey for greedy humans. Yet, all we know them for is their sting. Norway had decided to pay the bees their due with the announcement of the world’s first bee highway. The highway is created to promote movement of the bees without the risks of running out of floral lands. There are a number of intentionally planted shelter points at consistent intervals thanks to the efforts of Bybi, a group that is leading this initiative. Even corporate buildings have contributed their effort and spaces to the cause by lending out their terraces and open spaces to the world’s finest pollinators.

    Posted in Other Stuff on July 6, 2015
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    With its experience in safely operating subway line -Tokyo Metro to cultivate safe-to-eat vegetables under tracks

    tokyometro_Vegetable Growing Business Under TracksWhen Remi Takahara joined Tokyo Metro, she never expected to end up growing vegetables for the subway operator. But that has emerged as a new business venture for the company to cash in on underneath elevated railway track in Japan’s busy capital. Tokyo Metro, in cooperation with Metro Development is hydroponically growing Korean lettuce, basil, chicory, arugula and other leafy vegetables without the use of pesticides in a prefabricated warehouse near the Tozai Line Nishi-Kasai Station in Edogawa Ward. According to Tokyo Metro officials, user can eat the vegetables without rinsing them, and has a long shell life.

    Posted in Featured, Other Stuff on June 8, 2015
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    The Grand Cancun purifies the ocean while functioning as a luxurious platform to people

    Grand-Cancun-by-Richard-Moreta-Castillo-01To mark the 50th anniversary of the beginning of development in Cancun, architect and designer Richard Moreta Castillo has announced a breathtaking offshore platform for 2020. Called the Grand Cancun eco-complex, this offshore platform will pack luxury amenities like underwater dining, shopping facilities and much more. But the sheer size of the project and the luxuries it comes packed with isn’t what makes it attention-worthy. This structure is green too!

    Posted in Other Stuff on April 2, 2015
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    Solar-furnace in Uzbekistan sports 10,700 mirror tiles capable of melting metal

    uzbekistan-solar-oven-2The sun has tons of uses humankind still hasn’t made the best use of, and this solar oven set up in Parkent, Uzbekistan, is one of the many solar applications that’s receiving attention from around the globe. Constructed to resemble an Aztec temple, this solar furnace is capable of producing temperatures hot enough to heat metal. The curved surface of the furnace’s mirrors measure 175 feet up and across. These direct a beam with a four foot diameter.

    Posted in Other Stuff on March 31, 2015
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    Interactive ‘trees’ at The Orchad in Austin respond to touch with lights and sounds

    interactive-tree-1The world needs its greenery, but given the fact that the human race simply can’t keep the axes away from trees, creative technology studio Chaotic Moon along with design firm Gensler has come up with futuristic ‘trees’ that will help increase the aesthetic value of open urban spaces, particularly heavily-concretized areas that don’t accommodate real trees easily. Called The Orchad, this 30-foot-tall interactive tree responds to visitors through light and sound. Currently installed in the technologically advanced city of Austin, 30 of these trees are anchored by a steel pole that works as a ‘trunk’.

    Posted in Other Stuff on March 26, 2015
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