• Lunar Cubit – Solar power generating pyramids for Abu Dhabi

  • Lunar-Cubit-1.jpg
    The ancient Egyptians build their pyramids to store the bodies of their Pharaohs. Our generation though will be building pyramids that help power up homes! A bunch of artists put together their drawing pads and pencils and came up with this design that could just show up in the deserts of Abu Dhabi. Nine massive pyramids generating solar energy clothed in a beautiful black could sprout up in the desert. Called the Lunar Cubit, this design has won the Land Art Generator Initiative too! Using frameless solar panels that together produce
    enough energy for 250 homes, the pyramids glow at night with a bunch of LEDs too!

    Well, we couldn’t ask for more. The newest wonders of the world might just be a bunch of solar power generating plants!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on January 31, 2011

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