• Solar powered electronic bibles sent to Haiti as faith relief

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    Praying has never felt greener before until the use of solar power to juice up electric bibles. We all know the problems the people of Haiti have faced recently, and how much they need to pray. So to fulfill this, a faith group from the U.S. known as “Faith Comes by Hearing” has, sent these bibles to the people of Haiti. These solar powered bibles are capable of broadcasting to 300 people at one time the Holy Scriptures in Haitian Creole. This innovation gets cooler and greener with the fact that it enables the poor and illiterate to access the Holy Scriptures with a digital quality. Baptized as the “Proclaimer”, these digital bibles draw energy from the sun to power themselves up, eliminating the wastage of power in needy areas like Haiti, and spread the word of God using audio.
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    Hopefully, the prayers of those needy people in Haiti are answered and they live better lives in future with the help of the Proclaimer.

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