• Salt-water-powered LED lamp charges USB devices too!

  • Lighting up living spaces in areas away from grid connections, particularly in under-development regions isn’t all that easy and at times, using renewable energy sources to do the same proves beneficial. Take this LED lamp for instance. Extremely green and cleverly designed, this one’s developed by Green House Co Ltd. and functions on a mix of water and salt! The GH-LED10WBW works perfectly fine with 350ml of saline water containing 16g of salt, which then works as an electrolyte with the lamp making use of a magnesium (Mg) rod (negative electrode) and a carbon rod (positive electrode). With a luminous flux of 55lm, the lamp can be used for up to 120 hours before the magnesium rod requires replacement. And that’s not all. The energy generated from the saline solution can also be used to juice up USB devices with the lamp packing a USB port for the same!


    Posted in Topics:Alternative Energy, Tags: , on September 5, 2012

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