• RainPerfect system pumps out collected rainwater from barrels, powered by the sun

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    Rain water collection now has yet another practical application that makes watering your garden a breeze. At times, rainwater collection can prove expensive, with all the systems one needs to have installed to successfully divert collected water out to the thirsty plant beds. The RainPerfect system works well at this, powered by solar energy. Basically a solar powered pump that you can use to pull the water out of barrels filled with rainwater, the RainPerfect requires a hose to be attached to the control box. The system uses a 3.5-watt solar panel that helps charge completely in 8 hours and can draw up to 100 gallons on a single charge with a maximum pressure of 13 pounds per square inch.

    The RainPerfect system costs $139.00 and can be purchased online. A renewable energy-powered system like this sure makes rainwater usage a lot easier!

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