• Piezoelectric energy created from vibrations to help power remote sensing devices

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    Ever heard of energy created due to the vibrations of a dance floor or train station? It is known as piezoelectric energy. This form of energy is formed due to the conversion of mechanical strain into electrical current. A tiny piezoelectric energy, capable of collecting energy from machinery and infrastructure is being developed by a team of researchers in Europe. These devices can be used to power remote sensing equipment that can detect deterioration of bridges and even wind turbines. Wind turbines are usually located in remote areas and accessing those burns up loads of energy.

    Also, maintenance teams face huge risks while climbing up these turbines. Instead of burning all this energy for regular checkups, these remote sensing devices powered by piezoelectric energy can be used. Aluminum nitride as an alternative to lead is being developed by a European nanotechnology research team with the creation of a tiny device made out of micro-electromechanical systems. The use of lead- free piezoelectric energy devices is anticipated in the future and will change the way maintenance operations are carried out.

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