• Micro-electronics powered by solar energy with inbuilt solar cells

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    Micro-electronics can now breathe in a new life, leaving out dependency on batteries, as researchers have come up with a more efficient way to power up micro-electronics. A microchip that directly integrates photovoltaic cells has been developed that unlike the conventional solar powered micro-electronics that use a separate solar cell and battery, is basically high-efficiency solar cells are placed straight onto the electronics. This makes those low-powered devices self-sufficient and even cable of operating indoors! The chip of the electronic is used as a base for the solar cell which is applied to it layer by layer. This also helps decrease the entire production process, decreases costs, decreases the amount of materials used and also increases efficiency! However, the chip’s energy usage must be below 1 milliwatt.

    With time and technological advancements, we’re sure this breakthrough will fulfill its cause and will push out the use of batteries ultimately.

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