• Cut bills, save the earth by using 5 litres of water to power your homes

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    It’s certified. Only the smart ones can save our planet. What else would you say for MIT professor Dan Nocera’s speech at the Aspen Environment Forum where he gave a vision of ‘the new energy economy with an assertion that our homes will be our power plants and our fuel stations, powered by sunlight and water’. He said that for this we will need like 16TW of energy production else even 2050, the cut off by cutting out a lot of energy waste now, will seem a dream. So, he is going to unveil next week the solver of all our problems – cheap, efficient, manufacturable electrolyzer made from cobalt and potassium phosphate.

    This technology is powered by a 6 meter by 5 meter photovoltaic array on the roof and is capable of powering an entire house’s power needs plus a fuel cell good for 500 km of travel with five litres of water ONLY. The device will work at room temperature to efficiently produce hydrogen and oxygen gases from water. And about fears of using hydrogen, he says it isn’t as bad as natural gas that can burn a home with an open flame. So though he ended that with a tense note, lets wait and watch for the wonder.

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