• Michigan-based startup develops a revolutionary range-extended battery for EVs

    Posted in Transport on August 30, 2014

    chevrolet-voltOne of the biggest challenges of turning over the automobile industry to motors powered by electricity is the limitations of battery packs available today. Researchers and car manufacturers together have been working on range-extended batteries that will require EV users to visit charging stations less often than they do today. A Michigan-based startup called Sakti3 has recently stumbled across a battery chemistry that is said to increase the energy density of regular lithium-ion batteries by two times!

  • Hobbiton, Middle-Earth, now plays home to sheep in New Zealand!

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 30, 2014

    Hobbiton-1Lord of the Rings fans won’t have trouble recognizing this scenic location as Hobbiton, nestled in the green lands of New Zealand. This location that Bilbo and Frodo called home is now hosting a flock of sheep who have claimed the underground earthen habitat as their own. The set was constructed in 1998 after director Peter Jackson on the Alexander Family farm. The location was spotted by Jackson in an aerial search of the North Island of New Zealand.

    EIGHT unveils the eye-catching Point.One S charging station for BMW’s electric lineup

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 23, 2014

    solar-charging-point-0If you’ve taken a sudden fancy for the BMW i3 and the i8, here’s yet another reason why you should reach into your bank account and pull out a wad of cash for one of these. German eco-firm EIGHT has recently unveiled these swanky new EV fueling stations called the Point.One S that have been created to match BMW’s new lineup of green cars. The station has been installed at BMW Welt in Munich as a showcase.

    NASA to launch a green spacecraft in 2016 with environment-friendly propellants

    Posted in Biofuels on August 23, 2014

    green-fuel-spacecraftNASA, the guys who have been known to send men and monkeys into space, has now taken a step closer towards a greener tomorrow. The organization has decided to replace switches traditional (and toxic) propellants with a safer, more efficient alternative, as part of the Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM). The project will see the SpaceX Falcon flight launch in 2016, powered with environment friendly propellants.

    AirEnergy 3D, the mobile wind turbine that fits inside a backpack!

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 21, 2014

    3d-printed-wind-turbine-1The next time you carry a bunch of gadgets with you to a windy place, make sure you also pack one of these! Called the AirEnergy 3D, this portable wind turbine was designed and developed by Omni3D, a Poland-based company that manufactures 3D printers and printing materials. The turbine is completely collapsible and fits inside a backpack! Capable of generating up to 300W in a windy area, this open source project is currently on Kickstarter, looking for funds.

    Germany breaks records by generating 31% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2014’s first half

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 19, 2014

    germany-renewable-energy-record-2014While the world is still looking for feasible ways to generate energy from renewable sources, Germany has already begun shattering world energy records by generating a whopping 31% of its energy from renewable sources in the first half of 2014. A report from the Fraunhofer Institute claims that Germany has produced a whopping 81 TWh of renewable electricity since the beginning of 2014. The report states that nuclear energy production declined while on the other hand, solar and wind increased by 28% and 19% respectively.

    Checkerboard building in Vietnam sports balconies with live trees

    Posted in Architecture on August 19, 2014

    checkerboard-building-1There are green buildings, and then there are buildings like this one, currently being constructed by Vietnamese design firm Vo Trong Nghia Architects. The new PT University’s administrative building is a seven-story prefab structure with a checkerboard façade that incorporates live trees! Located at Thach That just outside Hanoi, the building is unlike any we’ve ever seen before and has lush tree-filled balconies that double up as indoor gardens.

    If all goes as planned, California could use 100% renewable energy by 2050

    Posted in Alternative Energy on August 19, 2014

    renewable-powerCalifornia is currently at the forefront in the United States, bringing home new renewable energy options and stepping away from conventional coal-fired power plants. Not so surprisingly, the state could soon be powered 100% by renewable energy and Stanford has recently presented a “roadmap” to accomplish this goal by 2050. Using wind, water and sunlight to its benefit, California could soon begin basking in clean and green energy, while reducing emissions and its carbon footprint.

    PITCHKenya stadium stores 1.5 million liters of fresh water using rainwater harvesting

    Posted in Other Stuff on August 13, 2014

    rainwater-harvesting-soccer-field-What else can a soccer stadium do, besides enabling a bunch of soccer-heads from kicking a ball around? Store water of course! Nestled in Kenya, this fantastically thoughtful soccer field actually stores water! Constructed by PITCHAfrica, the rainwater-harvesting soccer and volleyball stadium has been set up at a school in Kenya. The stadium is capable of storing 1.5 million liters of fresh water, gathered from rainwater harvesting.

    Why burn when you can recycle? Tires are now being repurposed globally

    Posted in Recycle on August 13, 2014

    recycle-tireWhere there is a wheel, there is a way, or in this case, a tire! There was a time when human kind thought of burning tires as the only way to get rid of all the punctured waste. However, with a little bit of innovation and thought, these waste tires can actually be used for several practical purposes! Tiny companies in Kenya have realized the potential in recycling tires and have begun refashioning old tires into sandals that sell for $2 to $5. In the United States, about 35,000 used tires were recycled into $25 flip flops by Detroit Treads and University of Michigan students.

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