• From Ozone Depletion to Antarctica’s Ozone Hole Depletion

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on September 26, 2016

    We all know of the vicious hole in the Ozone layer over Antarctica. We have no one else to blame but ourselves for the negligence. But then there was a ray of hope, the Montreal Protocol of 1987. It was called upon to control the world’s production and use of ozone-depleting substances (ODS), to protect the ozone layer—which protects us from the harmful effects of excess UV rays from the Sun.

  • Alstom Unveils their Hydrogen fueled train

    Posted in Transport on September 23, 2016

    We all hope for that the future of transport will be cleaner, greener and faster, but how do we reach to this utopian future?
    We can the answer in Alstom’s latest creation. Alstom is one of the world’s largest train manufacturers, and unveiled their latest creation: a hydrogen-powered train.

    Adani Group to put the worlds largest solar power plant in Tamil Nadu, India

    Posted in Alternative Energy on September 22, 2016

    Tarn Taran Sahib: A view of the solar plant at Indo Pak Border near Tarn Taran Sahib, Punjab on May 30, 2015. (Photo: IANS)
    Adani Group’s subsidiary – Adani Green Energy, stated today that they have dedicated to the nation the world’s largest 648-MW solar power plant in Tamil Nadu entailing an investment of Rs 4,550 crore.

    France to be the first country to ban plastic plates and cutlery

    Posted in Awareness and Hype on September 20, 2016

    France has taken the lead in the fight against non-biodegradable plastic and become the first country in the world to ban plastic plates, cups and utensils, passing a law which goes into effect in 2020. Exceptions have been made for items made of compostable, biosourced materials.

    The new law is a part of the country’s Energy Transition for Green Growth Act, the same legislation which outlawed plastic bags in grocery stores and markets starting this July. Although plastic bags are forbidden in many other countries, no country seems to have embraced a plastic ban as sweeping as France’s will be.

    Electric Buses to soon hit the streets of London, and allow commuters to charge their phones!

    Posted in Transport on September 17, 2016

    Low battery is every commuter’s nightmare. Your journey home would feature awkward stares at co-passengers, or worse you trying to peek into their devices to maybe to catch the scores of your favorite sport. How would you make it home without your playlist on?

    Scotland kicks off world’s first large-scale tidal energy project

    Posted in Alternative Energy on September 16, 2016

    Environmentalists celebrate another victory in renewable energy this week, as officials launched the world’s first large-scale tidal energy farm off the coast of Scotland. The MeyGen tidal stream project led by Edinburgh-based Atlantis Resources will be comprised of four 49-foot-tall turbines which harness energy from the ocean’s waves to produce electricity free from greenhouse gas emissions. The project promises to eventually generate enough energy to power 175,000 homes throughout the country, a huge leap forward for renewables and the job market in Scotland.

    This Swiss made solar cell doubles the efficiency of currently used solar panels!

    Posted in Alternative Energy on September 13, 2016

    Solar cell technology is evolving at a rapid pace, so much so, that a new startup called Insolight claims to have beaten the efficiency record set just over a week ago by a joint team from MIT and Masdar Institute. This new device was invented by a team while working in the innovation incubator at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), and claims a whopping solar energy conversion rate of 36.4 percent, one percent more than the Masdar/MIT duo’s innovation. The efficiency rating is essentially twice as much of what is currently available to residential customers, which is precisely the market EPFL’s new startup is trying to help.

    The Great Trail of Canada, spanning 15,000 miles, may get completed next year!

    Posted in Other Stuff on September 8, 2016

    About 25 years ago, in 1992, Canada started constructing its cross-country course called The Great Trail. As of today, it’s 87% completed, spanning 20,770 kilometers (over 12,000 miles) between 13 provinces and territories from Newfoundland to British Columbia. The project is slated for completion in 2017, with the entire route spanning 24,000 kilometers (nearly 15,000 miles), creating the longest recreational trail on Earth!

    Is Solar energy the future of charging smartphones?

    Posted in Alternative Energy on September 7, 2016

    Solar energy has been around for a while, but harnessing it to charge your phone is relatively recent. Although, leaving your phone out in the scorching sun may be a bad idea, but here’s a device which can negate that and also charge your phone. The Solar Charger provides an adhesive surface that sticks to any window or glass surface, enabling it to use solar energy to charge your phone while staying indoors. The charger can be placed on any window, be it in your office, home or car!

    Pininfarina unveils the hydrogen fueled concept car at the Geneva Show

    Posted in Transport on September 6, 2016

    Pininfarina, an Italian design house, strode away in pride from the Geneva Show this past spring with the Best Concept award for its hydrogen fuel cell H2 Speed concept car.

    Concept cars tend to disappear shortly after they’re shown off at various automotive shows, but Automotive News reports that the H2 Speed is officially slated for production.

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